General Questions Question: How do I upgrade to the latest version of The Little Calorie?
Answer: Before you upgrade you must make a backup of all user data. To do a backup go the directory where The Little Calorie is installed and there you will find a directory called "users" copy that and all its contents to another palace. Now you can install the new version of The Little Calorie in the same directory as the old version.
When you start The Little Calorie after the new installation the user data should be there. But if the user data has been lost during the installation close down The Little Calorie and copy the "users" directory you just saved to the "The Little Calorie" directory and restart the program.

Question: Where can I find calorie tables?
Answer: Search the Internet at Search.

Question: Is the product available for Mac OS X?
Answer: There is currently no version available for Mac OS X today.

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